Trenbolone 100


Category: Injektoitavat steroidit
Package: 10 mL injektiopullo (100 mg/mL)
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Trenbolone acetate

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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

Category: SALE

Substance: Trenbolone Acetate

Package: 10 mL injektiopullo (100 mg/mL)

Trenobolone 100 is an injectable anabolic steroid containing Trenbolone Acetate. This drug released by Dragon Pharma has high androgenic and anabolic properties. Trenobolone 100 is used by athletes to buildup muscle mass in a short period of time. Trenbolone has the property to burn the fat and enhances the rate of recovery and regeneration of the human body. Trenobolone100 has a half-life of approximately 3 days.
Trenbolone 100 provides hard, ripped muscles and is suitable for various sport contests and competitions. The drug increases nitrogen retention in the muscles, does not convert into estrogen and as a result avoid the usual negative estrogen side effects. Average dosage: 50-75 mg per day. It can be stacked: during a cutting phase with non-aromatizing anabolic such as Winstrol or Primobolan Depot, for bulking effect – with Dianabol or testosterone. After concluding the steroid therapy, products like HCG or Nolvadex/Clomid are required. Side effects: oily iho, aggressive behaviors, acne on different body spots, and Hiustenlähtö. Due to the androgenic nature, this drug is not recommended for women to use, the risk of virilization is very high and can be irreversible.