Tren-Ace-Max injektiopullo


Category: Injektoitavat steroidit
Package: 10ml injektiopullo (100mg/ml)
Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Trenbolone acetate

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Manufacturer: Meditech Pharma

Category: Injektoitavat steroidit

Substance: Trenbolone Acetate

Package: 100mg/ml in 10ml injektiopullo

Bodybuilders and athletes have been known to use the drug illicitly in order to increase body mass more effectively than by weight training alone. A normal bodybuilding dosage can range from 200 mg per week up to 1000 mg per week. Due to the relatively short metabolic half-life of trenbolone acetate, dosages are commonly split into injections at least once every two days. Trenbolone enanthate can be injected once a week. Once metabolized, the drugs have the effect of increasing nitrogen uptake by muscles, leading to an increase in the rate of protein synthesis. It also has the secondary effects of stimulating appetite, reducing the amount of fat being deposited in the body, and decreasing the rate of catabolism. Trenbolone has proven popular with anabolic steroid users as it is not metabolized by aromatase into estrogenic compounds such as estradiol, or into DHT. This means that it also does not cause any water retention normally associated with highly androgenic steroidal compounds like methandrostenolone. 100mg a ml, 10ml injektiopullo = 1000mg